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Published Jul 15, 20
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NEW Unicorn Hair Color Conditioners

Where to Buy Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Faq's

I personally wanted a vibrant, long lasting look, so I left mine in for the whole two hours - makeup brushes. The pink was so intense and bright, it was a little shocking! Overall, I’m super in love with this color and the Lime Crime Unicorn Hair dyes! Only costing $16 per tub of dye, it’s a great deal.

This was the color “lipstick”. It was all in all, super great! It made my hair feel so so good, while still coloring it! The color stayed for about a month, which was awesome, and I could still take hot showers. The one problem is the scent; some like it, but it’s super fragrant (pink hairstyle). colorful hair.

It’s easy to look past, though, for how good the product is!This was the color “lipstick”. It was all in all, super great! It made my hair feel so so good, while still coloring it! The color stayed for about a month, which was awesome, and I could still take hot showers - anime hair color.

The smokey rose hair color of your dreams is finally available–and it’s beautiful. I finally got my hands on the new line of Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye. It’s been in the making for 3 years, is vegan, cruelty-free, and won’t damage your hair. Can you see why I’ve been so excited?! Plus all of the colors are to die for.

Sext is one of those. When I first laid eyes on this gorgeous mauve color I knew I had to have it. And with a hilarious name like Sext, how could anyone pass up the opportunity? It only took about a week for my order to get here, but I was so eager that it felt like forever.

Can we just talk about the packaging? The inside of the mailing box is actually printed like this. And the dye itself comes wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper. Also, I low key can’t stop rolling the bottle from side to side just to watch the iridescent letters change color. ulta hair colors.

I’m not a pro. But I’ve been bleaching and dyeing my hair at home for years. So I know my way around a good hair dye sesh. Also, Sext is a hair tint, which according to Lime Crime will give you a pastel result. The Unicorn Hair line has other shades that are full coverage.

For what I’m looking for, a tint seemed perfect. But keep in mind, unless your hair is a pale platinum blonde or white, a tint probably won’t show up at all. If you’ve got darker hair, either reach for the bleach or opt for a full coverage shade that might show up a little better.

It’s also the color my hair was before using Sext. You can see that my roots are yellow from being bleached recently, and the rest of my hair has a slight peachy undertone from my previous pink. sallys hair dye. But overall, the color is still super light. Because obviously. I only use this to mix up my dye, but you might want to use it for application also.

Unicorn Hair Faq – Lime Crime Where to Get It and How to Use It

* Some people like to use gloves when dyeing hair. If that’s you, then get some of those too. But just so you know, I found that totally unnecessary for myself. Everyone has their own way of doing thing though, so do as you please!* For my length and thickness of hair, I used about half of the bottle (lime crime bunny).

caramel hair color dyeulta hair colors

But I just wanted to cover all my bases incase the dye settled at all during the shipping process. *Also, as you can see from the picture, my hair is damp from the shower I took before beginning. The directions say not to do this, so naturally I didn’t listen.

Incase you’re wondering, ignoring half of the instructions didn’t affect my hair color in the end, so take that information and do what’s best for you!* I didn’t take any pictures of this stage because it’s not pretty and I don’t really have a magical method. I literally take globs of dye on my bare hands and rub it on my head like I’m shampooing my hair.

I know you’re supposed to section your hair off and paint the dye on with your brush. But that’s so time consuming and feels unnecessary to me. Pastels like Sext don’t stain your hands, so if you use my method, clean up is still super easy. This is my hair after the dye has been fully applied.

Lime Crime says to leave the dye on for 30 minutes for a pastel shade and 1-2 hours for more intense results. Seeing as how Sext is just a tint to begin with, I opted for the full 2 hours (pink hair aesthetic). This is my hair after waiting the full 2 hours.

blonde hair palettehow long does semi permanent hair color last

Right after this I hopped in the shower and rinsed all the dye out under cold water. Like, really cold. It sucks to stand in a freezing shower, but it helps to seal the color in. I didn’t use any shampoo since I had already earlier. But here’s the kicker: I didn’t use conditioner either! The dye is so nourishing that for the first time I actually didn’t need it - blonde hair palette.

I think that speaks volumes for the dye formula itself. You can tell there aren’t harsh chemicals or secret hair killing ingredients (color cart). Yay for healthy hair! Also the smell lasts even after rinsing out the dye. I had my nose stuck in my hair the rest of the day - pink hair aesthetic. No shame.

NEW Unicorn Hair Color Conditioners

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