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Published Jul 26, 20
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NEW Unicorn Hair Color Conditioners

Unicorn Hair Is Pure Magic & Here's A Diy Guide Where to Get It and How to Use It

© Nejron Photo/ShutterstockUnicorns are popping up everywhere these days, from your latte to your cannoli, to your vibrator, because, let’s face it: life is much more tolerable when you believe in magic. If you’re looking to transform your locks into the tresses reminiscent of the fantastical beasts known as unicorns, you can achieve the look simply, and at home.

You can achieve salon-worthy results with a DIY line aptly called Unicorn Hair. Founded by Doe Deere, who launched Unicorn Hair under her parent company Lime Crime Makeup, Unicorn Hair offers a range of 21 colors of fantasy hair color (lime crime chocolate cherry). All Unicorn Hair products are vegan and cruelty-free semi-permanent hair color.

Each 6. 76 fl oz / 200 mL jar of color is $16, and comes in a rainbow of shades with whimsical names like Moonchild, Neon Peach, and Jello.@ Unicorn Hair/Lime Crime The lighter your hair, the more vibrantly the color will appear (anime unicorn). For best results, before applying any color, bleach your hair to a medium or pale blonde - lime crime aesthetic.

If you don’t bleach your hair first, the color will appear as a tint. After your hair is freshly bleached and dried, divide your hair into multiple one-inch sections, depending on how many colors you want to use. Use gloves and a mixing bowl and applicator brush. Apply desired color from the roots all the way to the ends with applicator brush (pink and yellow hair).

(Be sure to protect clothes and surfaces, as the product will stain.)For pastel results, the folks at Unicorn Hair suggest leaving the color in for 30 minutes (pink hair aesthetic). For a deeper, more intense hue, leave in for one to two hours. Rinse until the water runs clear. You may use a post-conditioning treatment, but it’s not necessary because the Unicorn Hair product is a conditioning dye, specially formulated to nourish hair.

unicorn aestheticwitch colors
peach hair colordark and light unicorn

You might also want to wash your hair less frequently to extend the color (lunar tides hair dye review). Voila! You’ve transformed yourself into a unicorn, babes - blonde hair palette..

Psst! Guess what. You can get gorgeous, vivid, beautifully colorful hair without dropping $300 at the hair salon. Seriously! We aren’t joking. , the brand known for its colorful, edgy products and packaging, recently launched a new range of semi permanent colors called . Just the name alone makes us want to order every shade…These unicorn colors were in development for three years to make sure everything was perfect before it hit the market.

anime colorsbrown hair aesthetic

Grom pastel to fluorescent to smoky grey hues, each shade is 100% vegan and cruelty free. As an added bonus, Lime Crime does not skimp when it comes to packaging. When you order your perfect shade of Unicorn Hair, expect to receive a gorgeous chrome box (which you will not want to throw away), with the shade(s) you have chosen carefully protected in their case..

NEW Unicorn Hair Color Conditioners

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