Black Book Market Research: Why It's The Best

Published Jan 13, 21
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What You Need to Know About Black Book Market Research - Healthcare It Today

black book market researchblack book market research

Black Book™ is not an analyst organization. We are a satisfaction, loyalty and business trend polling organization which provides relevant data to decision makers including analyst firms, investment bankers, venture capital groups and quality assurance organizations - black book market research in 2020. The paradigm shift away from pay-for-play vendor evaluations in the technology and managed services space explains our huge leap in popularity.

The mix of experiences in our research management team: hospitals, physician groups, managed care, long-term care, clinical services, healthcare financial services, government healthcare, technology and service vendors keeps us nimble. Government incentives for electronic health record implementation and meaningful use kicked us to the higher level of competing head-to-head against long-established research firms in the niche. black book market research findings.

Over the years, Black Book has become adept at understanding the unique needs and issues of the broad spectrum of the entire healthcare industry it serves. black book. We also have a special understanding of the unique survey research requirements for the industry’s clinically, technologically and managerially diverse stakeholders. We are rapidly expanding our service offerings to interactive and user-accessed data sets, more extensive subscription offerings and knowledge centers, and surveying capabilities including Health Consumer/Patient polls, Managed Care Membership surveying, Hospital services satisfaction, patient satisfaction, as well as consultative and outsourcing options in healthcare organizations - black book market research.

Supporting providers and consumers in making the best decisions motivates our competitive spirit and collaboration with the industry. : Doug Brown is a of Black Book Market Research LLC, and a of The Black Book of Outsourcing LLC, as well as Brown-Wilson Group, Inc. black book market research. As a worldwide recognized thought leader in technology and services marketing, particularly in the healthcare and outsourcing industries, he is a frequent speaker and presenter for industry associations, agency networks, universities, and business conferences.

black book market researchblack book market research
black book market researchblack book market research

The book was included as #70 on the 100 Best Business Books compiled by the International Association of Media Editors in 2014. His consummate expertise in the areas of healthcare, business development, economic expansion, market share growth, private equity, client experience polling, customer satisfaction surveys, loyalty assessments, predictive analysts and qualitative market research is the driving force behind Black Book’s success (black book market research techniques).

Magazine, and named the Best Small Cap Market Research Firm for Excellence in Opinion Mining by US Business News. This is also the second year Black Book has been named to Silicon Review’s Top Ten Fastest Growing Healthcare companies. Mr Brown holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science/Public Administration from the University of Florida and a master’s degree program in Hospital and Healthcare Administration from the University of Houston - black book market research findings.

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Hospitals are increasingly looking at potential outsourcing opportunities as they work to reduce costs, according to a Black Book Market Research survey. The second-quarter 2018 outsourcing user survey polled C-suite, hospital boards and senior managers from 709 hospitals and inpatient organizations. It found nearly all hospital leaders (98 percent) are considering outsourcing with third-party vendors to gain cost efficiency in clinical and nonclinical functions so they can increase focus on value-based care delivery, according to Black Book Research. black book method.

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